All About Barbara

I grew up in Southern California in a middle class family with three brothers; I was the only girl in the family. As I look back on those early years I realize now, that I had turned inward for my answers about life at an early age because I felt so "out of place" with the dominant male influences in my life. My brothers were macho kind of guys and even though I was the only girl, believe it or not, I was not treated like a princess.

This gift of intuitiveness that we all possess seemed to flourish for me early on, yet sadly, it was one of those things in life that was discouraged in many circles as it still is to this day. I learned to suppress my intuitive abilities in order to "fit in", yet my abilities seemed to naturally sharpen even further.

I came to terms with my strong intuition, finally, at the age of 22 when my young husband died suddenly. I had been struggling and reeling with a strong premonition the week before his unfortunate demise, yet was unable to grasp the entire message until the actual time of his death. I was intuitively being prepared for one of the worst times of my life, yet I had ignored and tried to suppress my intuition even then! With such a traumatic event unfolding in my life, I finally realized the magnitude of that premonition and I knew I could no longer ignore this gift. I began to experience one coincidence after another, and then I began putting these synchronicities together like a puzzle. I had finally decided to accept this gift of intuitiveness and try to cultivate it for my own good and for the good of others. This was a long, productive process, and actually an ongoing one today!